Liquid Grace

A blog was my 2012 New Year’s resolution when I made a new website that contained a waiting blog link. My website was minimal. I needed a platform to talk about my work. Now a year later, I am hoping to bring together my images and words. A poem from Michael O’Brien’s novel Island of the World encapsulates my desire to fathom the grace that surrounds me and understand how words and images work together to explain beauty and truth.

The dove, soaring, sees the distant curve of the earth,
and trembles at its shape—vast, architectural
the sea surrounding it deeper than fathoming.
Rising higher, he looks down to the small orderings of man…

In this dark, where distant songs recall
the firmament of solid places, of permanence and order,
I hear a presence beside me, sudden, unseen, there–
the wing beats match mine.

Higher now, propelled by the purified intention of ascent,
afloat above the currents of fear, not yet swimming in the
liquid grace

And you became a shape parting the night with your presence.
Though then, as now, you were unseen with the eye,
the eye ever-yearning for shapes to give form and place to the

The Ascent of the Dove (Island of the World by Michael O’Brien).

I am standing in this grace, a vessel of grace…

My recent VESSELS series, (oil / cold wax / mixed-media) explores this theme of pilgrimage and grace and the beauty and brokenness of the world around me. The  paintings contains either or both human and mechanical vessels, vehicles of grace. And all suggest that life is a pilgrimage that requires sacrifice and faith. Below are several from that series.
An Arc Between Speaking and Hearing 12x12 on panel BOMER 300       DSC04109
(details to come:   I am still learning how to work this  Wordpress blog!)

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