One Who Comes On the Waters of Time: A Series

I have time on my mind because I listened to Os Guinness’s Survival of the Fastest,
a challenge to make time count, to number my days and be wise in the fast life of this digital age.  I need disciplined (root word: disciple or learner) time with the Time-Maker. Like Josip Lasta, the Croatian pilgrim in Michael O’Brien’s book Island of the World, I want to keep walking towards the timeless One Who Comes to Us On the Waters of Time (a title taken from a line in his selected poems at the end of this book). My Vessel Series is inspired by these poems as well. You can see most of them on my Web site (

Nine of these are at a gallery in Roswell, GA, called MUSE&CO. Below is a photo taken there of my gallery space (


Currently I am working on several new large pieces.


two vessels 1

Two Vessels above is finished (40 x 40 inches oil/cold wax on panel). The under-painting at the top of this piece includes red, an important color in all my paintings. Red signifies the life-blood, be it a small stroke of cadmium or a red under-painting covered by the final layers. The top vessel in reds hovers above a horizon (horizo–the line separating heaven and earth). I do not want to explain my paintings too much, because they have a “life” of their own. What do you see in Two Vessels? (This question sounds a bit like the question asked in The Life of Pi (see below).

IMG_4924          Beneath the Waves 1
The piece on my easel and the 36 x 36 inch canvas next to it are not yet finished. A vessel is emerging in the first one. The other ….. I will keep you posted on how these two paintings evolve.

I did resolve the center of this 36″ x 36″ painting this week. I saw a figure or even figures (see detail at right, below), and was reminded of The One who Came on the Waters of Time. (Is this title becoming a series? See my first and second post which refer to my vessel theme and this title.) See

One Who Comes        Detail 1

Or please come visit me at 140 D Roberts Street to see these paintings in process and  in person.

A visual feast of vessel imagery this week at The Life of Pi:

Richard Parker in 'Life of Pi'
Here is a review. You will see why the images inspired me:

The theme of the movie is typical of postmodern thought:
“The real question is–which story do you, the viewer/reader prefer? Interpretation is subjective but the question is intended to serve as a moment of theological reflection. Are you a person that prefers to believe in things that always make sense/things that you can see? Or are you a person that prefers to believe in miracles/take things on faith? There are no right or wrong answers–just an opportunity for introspection.”
I have not read the book, but I have heard that this was not the intention of  Martel (with the book) or very likely Lee (with the film), because Pi expresses annoyance at the two men. He criticizes them for wanting “a story they already know.”

A Voyage Taken  

The compass breaks, the mast is down
my soul heeds this: the world is round;
the rising heart,
the dream and pulse,
on a sea-wind carries us.

The birds are dipping under waves,
the fish bolt upward on their wings 
and we, the captain and the crew,
suspend over the abyss,
hold the wheel and rig with faith
as this frail vessel dives beneath.

Good sire, we cry,
the waves are high!
Good youth, he answers from the sky,
beyond the fracture line of land and air
your port is near, your home is there.

(c) by Michael O’Brien

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