Word (logos) and Image

grace carol bomer

Although logos is common to all, most people live
as if they had a wisdom of their own.
1. p.77. Fr.2  FOUR QUARTETS, T.S. Eliot

Word Image

The above quote by T. S. Eliot is still on my old website(http://www.carolbomer.com/quotesandreadings.cfm). Is T. S. Eliot referring to the Logos, who is outside of our manipulated words and images and puny stories — the Logos who holds all things together (Col.1:15) and whose creation pours forth speech day after day (Psalm 19), –the Logos who was in the beginning with God and who is God?

The Logos created all things that have come into being. And The Logos became flesh and lived among us (John 1). Jesus is the Logos or “speech from God.” He is Word of God and Image of God. My current focus is this dichotomy of word and image and how it can be brought together in Christ, the incarnational mystery that brings heaven and earth together (see my statement at www.gracecarolbomer.com).

Words and images have always…

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