Moving to Warehouse Studios #6 in Asheville’s River Arts District

10369175_10203160628748997_2697038602531871524_nI will miss the artists at The Pink Dog Creative, owners Hedy Fisher and Randy Shull, and the space there that David Holt shared so graciously with me since January 2016. Glass Sky Enterprises purchased my former studio at 140 Roberts Street Studio, so I have been thankful for this interim at Pink Dog.

David is leaving at the end of August as well. He is being inducted into the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame in October, so has been very busy with little time to paint. I do own this small piece of history though! Wish you continued success David!


January 1 moving in; quite a downsize from 140 D! By August (below), I was crowding David out!


Pink Dog Creative July 2016

Fortunately, I found a large space on the second floor #6 of  The Warehouse Studiosjust across the railroad tracks. (right or wrong side of the tracks?)  It is a huge luxury with library space, wifi,  and my sixty-dollar sofa for napping and artists’ gatherings! Can’t wait to get it organized!


Best of all, it has lots of room to paint and teach! I am excited to begin work on several large commissions I received recently. This will be a private place to work. (Pink Dog was open to a common room with less privacy.) Please come visit when my door is open at The Warehouse Studio or call me for an appointment. (828..545.2451)

So far, no messy tarps or paint cover the floor, but a gessoed triptych panel (60 x 76) awaits!
My next post — The Anatomy of a Painting — is about my work process and why a commission is difficult, because the left brain has a tendency to analyze and follow consigned plans. It gets in the way of the right brain and the spontaneity of the spirit. I hope to document it along the way!

Painting is work and wrestling. The making of things  is about process — the process of unveiling veiled truths / revealing true reality, discovering what makes us human. This takes both sides of the brain and the help of the Creator God and Holy Spirit. My work process includes my experience, my intuition, my education, my art practices, and my faith in a God who holds all reality together and is truth and light. I am looking forward to getting to work!



The wall to the left  is a gallery wall and paintings lined up are waiting to be hung.

fan needed for the month of August!

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  1. johan altena says:

    I love that you are full of vigor!

    yo yo maas!

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