About me

portrait with CHinese paintingGrace (Carol) Bomer is an abstract expressionist painter whose concern is the human condition surprised by the grace of God. Her work integrates word and image as she explores the mystery of the Incarnation. She believes that art is a form of play before the face of God.


River District Studio

Her home studio overlooks the Blue Ridge Parkway, but you can find her work at her Asheville River Arts District studio at 170 Lyman Street/Warehouse Studios #6.
Call 828-545-2451 to make an appointment.

Carol is not new to Asheville. She moved here in 1981 from Kansas where she was an award winning member of the Kansas Watercolor Society. She became involved in the Asheville art community, serving on the Museum Auxiliary Board and winning awards in North Carolina, such as First Place in Art of the Carolinas, juried by Charles Stuckey of the Chicago Art Institute. She became an award winning member of the North Carolina Watercolor Society before turning to her recent expressionist oil and mixed media work.

photo (80)Her mixed media work and encaustic or cold wax oil paintings incorporate manipulated images and words. “By juxtaposing image and text, I attempt to create connections and metaphors that may not be predictable or seen immediately but allow the viewer to catch a glimpse of the mystery and transcendence of the eternally relevant story, of the God who is both Image and the Word incarnate.  Making visible the invisible by mark-making, layering, and stripping away, I work to discover the mystery of a painting.

Carol’s work is in private and corporate collections in the United States and Europe. This July, her piece Ready For Love will be included in an exhibit, ART/FAITH at the “Sala de Exposiciones Deposito de Aguas Canal Isabel II” in Madrid, Spain.

For a complete bio and vitae please check her web site. www.gracecarolbomer.com email: gcarolbomer@gmail.com


1 Response to About me

  1. Kara Lee Rodyniuk says:


    Dear Grace,
    I am a Women’s Ministry coordinator and fellow artist.
    Currently, I am organizing a Christmas Women’s ministry event and have been
    looking for just the right image to communicate our event, which is the message of Christmas, the gift given, God with Us. I came across your painting of the same name
    and started to cry…it is beautiful!! I have been searching for just such an image. What you have
    painted I have had on my mind and in my heart.
    I would love to share your artwork with everyone I know and I’m thrilled to have found your blog!!
    What I am wondering, is if you would consider giving me permission to use this image in my communications for my Christmas event? This event is a women’s evening centred around dessert, music, and message of Christ. We anticipate 250 women in attendance.

    Blessings of His amazing Peace, Wisdom and Grace.
    Thank you for your consideration of this request.
    Kara Lee Rodyniuk
    Grant Memorial Church
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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